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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Second Hand Mobile

The technology associated with ways of communication has been advancing from one century to the next one. The traditional ways of communication such as use of flutes, smoke and sending messengers were common until the emergence of cellphones. The cell phones have also advanced from small ones to smartphones that are commonly used around the world. You can get both new and second hand mobile phones from a mobile shop. It is less costly to buy a second hand mobile than a new set of mobile phones. Some circumstances such as lack of enough resources and in cases of emergency may lead you to purchase a second hand mobile. Explained below are among the key elements to look at before buying a second hand mobile.

When thinking of purchasing a second hand mobile, you should consider the reputation of the seller. You should consider it vital when assessing the seller, you are dealing with. The seller you are dealing with should be a known second hand mobile dealer and licensed to do so. The seller is seen to be a trusted dealer and deals with legal and legit second-hand mobile phones. You should also be provided with a warranty when buying the phone from the second-hand mobile dealer.

The second key point to consider before purchasing a second hand mobile phone is the IMEI of the phone. All mobile phones are differentiated by their IMEI when manufactured. You should check the IMEI of the phone purchased and determine if its good or bad. The circumstance under which the second-hand mobile phone was found is shown by its IMEI. A bad IMEI portrays that the mobile was lost or stolen from its owner. Through the IMEI of the phone, you only purchase what is good and clean.

Thirdly, the other main aspect to look at when selecting a second hand mobile phone is the functionality of the phone. This includes checking both the software and hardware part of the phone. The main reasons why people dispose of their phones to be sold as a seconds hand mobile is because of the damaged part of its software accessory and even its hardware. Screening of both its software and hardware part of the phone should be done to know if there is any problem.

The other key element to look at before buying a second hand phone is its physical appearance and its accessories. Take note of how the screen looks like and it’s cover as well. you should buy a phone with no or minimal scratches on its screen. Other things to check are the battery, earphones, and charger of the phone. In conclusion, you should take note of the elements described above in the passage.

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